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Education and Skill Development

 The program aims to empower vulnerable youth (teenage mothers, fistula survivors, and in-and-out-of-school) and women by equipping them with essential life and vocational skills, adult literacy and educational support to enable them to either reintegrate into formal education or acquire skills for income-generating activities.

Livelihoods (Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship)

 This program supports youth and women to Ideate, select, plan, startup and effectively manage income-generating activities through entrepreneurship education, business planning, Business Development services support, trainings coaching and mentorship. We hold business pitch competitions and winners are supported with startup capital to enable youths to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Health (SRH, Fistula HIV/AIDS, Mental)

 Recognizing the holistic nature of well-being, we do not address just economic empowerment but also health issues, including sexual and reproductive health, fistula awareness and prevention, HIV/AIDS, and mental health. Conducting advocacy campaigns, creating safe spaces, and providing psychosocial support and counselling, is to promote the overall health and well-being of youth as they manage their enterprise.

Social & Behavior Change Communications

This program engages 13 to 30-year-olds to choose productive lifestyles, develop strategic life plans, and come up with a mission and vision to lead a successful life. This program promote positive behavior change within communities or target populations. In the context of programming, especially in fields like public health, development, or social services, SBCC aims to address various social or behavioral issues by utilizing communication techniques tailored to specific audiences.

Finance Literacy and Business development

In this program, we facilitate and teach youth finance, business and entrepreneurial skills through activity-based learning.  We support both in and out of school young people (18 – 35 year olds) to understand how to make money, save money, increase cash flow and invest for themselves to improve their chance to get employment and better their livelihoods. For those out of school, we train them to identify business Ideas, Start a business and then support them to institute business processes that enable business growth.

Talents Discovery Program

This program focuses on young people 15 – 35 Year olds, mostly those in upper secondary, University and young professionals, supporting them to discover and translate their passions into value and become people of good character for transformation of society. This is a five days, material based training program where all the participants have workbooks and is practical. The program helps one to identify their talents, and then we challenge them to see what business Idea they can start in the current state or in the future. We call it ARISE PROGRAM

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