We’re thrilled to announce our incredible partnership with the Voice-fund to empower girls rehabilitated from Fistula and Child birth Injuries with essential Livelihood skills in boosting self esteem, financial literacy, business startup and growth, Leadership and Advocacy skills with the aim to improve the quality of their lives.

The Voice-fund is an Innovative grant facility financed by  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands as part of their overall policy framework to improve ‘Dialogue and Dissent'(Future power of Voices). Voice is executed by a consortium between Oxfam-Novid and Hivos. The voice fund supports vulnerable rights holders groups facing, marginalization and discrimination from society to be able to fulfill their potential.

Talents Enabling Uganda together with Voice-fund are committed to creating opportunities that will enable these vulnerable girls in three key result areas; Psychosocial Support, Business skills and Leaders/Advocacy to support the vulnerable girls learn and thrive, equipping them with the skills they need to shape their futures.

By joining forces, this partnership aims to provide mentorship, training, and resources that will empower these girls to become confident leaders, business owners and contributors in lobbying for their rights in their communities. We hope to make a real difference in their lives.

We ask the whole community that  Let’s work together to unlock the potential of these amazing young minds, that a treatable condition was about to erase from the face of the earth! Stay tuned for more updates and stories of impact as we embark on this incredible journey.

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